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Lectures offered by Linda Johansen

Contact Linda at (541) 758 - 9333 or info@LindaJohansen.us for availability, cost, and to answer any further questions. Each lecture lasts 45 to 60 minutes, depending on audience participation. All presentations were developed by Linda to help further your quilting enjoyment and enhance your artistic experience!

My Quilting Journey

An inspirational of show Linda's first quilts, traditional quilts, wall or “art” quilts including bowls and boxes from her books. You will see a little bit of everything as Linda shares her curiosity about how things work! The show is on Power Point, and Linda will also bring as many quilts as space permits.

The Creative Process

An interactive and inspirational power point lecture about how to 'work' at creativity. Linda will help you understand how anyone can be creative. Audience will need 4-5 sheets of blank paper, a hard surface, and a pencil to try some creative exercises.