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Tips and Tricks

Foolproof Fabric Dyeing

These are the current blacks available from Dharma and Pro Chemical.

I've wicked them on the same cotton and the same way I used in the book. See page 151 of Foolproof Fabric Dyeing or page 87 of Fabric Dyer's Dictionary for wicking instructions.

Note that Better Black and Raven are cooler blacks (note the blue/green wicked edges) and MX  628 & MX 629 are warmer blacks. If I wanted a "just black" I might combine a cool and a warm black.

: Olfa Free Fabric Bowl Project

Fast Fun & Easy Christmas Decorations
Correction: Page 39. You need 1 ¼ yard of decorative trim to go around the roof of the large Gingerbread House.

Fabric used for the Gingerbread House is from Timeless Treasures, Tonga-B7900, Ginger and Charcoal

Don’t be afraid to scrunch the Timtex or fast2fuse when you are making the bowls, boxes or vases. It is fabric, and can be steamed back to shape. Use a short piece of lumber for the boxes, or a balloon for the vases.

Check out the fast2cut Templates available for:

Available through C&T Publishing or at your local quilt store.

Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric Bowls

I have learned to add cording to the edge of all the bowls. For the Timtex bowls, it keeps the seams from pulling out, and for all of them it makes the finishing satin stitching much easier.

I use size 16, or 1/16” polyester, or string, or…. Just not something “hairy” as that is what you are trying to avoid.

1. Lay the cording next to the edge of the bowl, under the presser foot, with a bit out behind the foot.

2. Do a few zigzag stitches in place to hold the end of the cording

3. Zigzag (@ 1.5 length & same width as you used on the darts) the cording around the edge of the bowl.

4. Trim the first end very close to the stitching before you get to the end.

5. Stitch in place for a few stitches when the cording meets itself, and trim closely so that the two ends butt up to each other.

6. Do the finishing satin stitching.

If you don't want to satin stitch, zigzag ratttail cording around the bowl with polyester monofilament thread - in the top and bobbin.

Darts: Back stitch just a few stitches with your satin stitching at the start of a dart to lock the stitches.

Cut the Square Bowl 11", with a 3 1/2" center to make better use of your Timtex. Cut the fabric & fusible 12" square, and trim the first side before fusing the second side.

Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric Boxes

An addition to Page 43, under making the sandwich: Step 8. Satin stitch around the edge once or twice, as necessary.

Zigzag colored Speed-Cro-Sheen, decorative cording, or rattail cord on around the edge, and you don't have to satin stitch!

Sew your pieces of stiff interfacing together with the multiple stitch zigzag (mending stitch - shown on the left in the photo on page 7) or faggoting stitch (like a double sided buttonhole stitch). Then you don't have to worry about holding them apart as you sew, and they will still hinge well!  Thanks to a student for this one!

Fast2fuse for Boxes clarification!
When using fast2fuse for the boxes, fuse the fabric to the sewn together fast2fuse pieces on one side, then cut Wonder Under pieces to fit in the 'corners', to add body to the fabric, then fuse the second side of fabric on. You can put Wonder Under on the whole second piece(s) of fabric if you want extra body for the whole box.

Fast, Fun & Easy Irresist-A-Bowls
Page 37, step 1: for the Fantasy flower bowl base, you need two pieces of fabric and two pieces of canvas, with fusible web on the back of each of them.